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=DeviantCrossing= Mia by MokoMia
=DeviantCrossing= Mia
It's really early...The group only open tomorrow, but hey, I'm weak, I can't resist anymore *run away and cry* XD. I'll just wait for the week end to see if I'm, hopefully, accepted * A * While waiting, I'll just stalk other people's characters *evil laugh*


Name: Mia
Birthday: 29/07
Animal: Rabbit

Characteristic: Quirky/Cranky

The first word which would fits her most would certainly be: Tsundere. 

Now that's said, let's get into details. If she seems quite relax at first sight, you will find her quite nervous / blunt if you begin a conversation with her. She's not at ease when talking to strangers and is not the very best to make friends...But then, when she's used to talk to you, you will find that her bluntness will become a game more than a mean attitude. 

In fact, she's very sweet and shy but don't like this part of herself. She finds it to be a weakness and if you catch her in those rare moments when she shows her tenderness, she will blush and maybe run away from you. 

She loves to tease people she starts to know, but also like those moments alone in silent since she can be anxious about ANYTHING. Especially if you give her an appointment, you'll see that she will be minutes ahead at the place, she will look everywhere hoping to see you and feel comfortable again. Time is certainly her bigger fear and tries to control it slowly.

She grew up with her parents and her two big sisters. She had an actual normal life. His father would work hard for his family, her mother would do anything for her daughters and she would success with her studies. But hey, there's always a time when any bun-bun has to leave home...Since she was the "baby" of the family, she didn't really take much responsabilities before, but now try her best to fit in the adult world. She can be quite clumsy, but learn really fast. 

If she's quite smart, she obviously has some lacune, as for example climb a tree or dig burrow...In any way, she doesn't feel bad about it. She knows that one day she'll get better and seeing other successing at things doesn't cause her any pain/sadness. At the contrary, she loves to watch them so she challenge herself to one day do better than the others!

She studied general subject before going towards art studies. She wish to learn to speak more than her 3 current languages and would like to know more about astronomy. You will also often find her next to a pound or on the beach, trying to catch fishes. She likes to watch them on aquarium and would like to see more fishes on the museum. Her goal is to catch an octopus to make him her pet ! Finally, she's scared of bugs, any of them, or at least the moment of a jumpscare and then...She would just stare at it, uncapable of moving a bit so he won't attack her.

About friends, she always had a really small group of friends. She's not the best to approach people but when she once felt love with someone, it turned out that this someone harassed her when she wanted to break up. Since that moment, she began to have doubt on ther feelings and even on her sexual orientation.


"Believe in the You who believes in you!" (Aaaah references...~)

Map section: B1 she's on the top corner, almost glued to the wall.

-She always walks on her tiptoes.
-She often take a moment when nobody's around on the day to try to climb the big tree.
-She's 19 years old.
-She's not good at swimming so she always bring her lifesaver with her...Which is too big for her.
-Speaks French, English, and a bit of Italian
-She LOVES crisps, especially the Pringles Onion and Sour Cream. 
-Her favorite kind of people are the lamas. Lamas are great. Lamas are gods. 
-In fact she loves anything that's a bit weird as soon as she get the full aspect of it.

Relationship: Single but open to any kind of relationship (PS: She especially likes rivals!)

If you want to RP: Just send me a note on dA I shall answer asap~ * A *
Omg what's this new interface...Am I on FB or what? Well...This is not too bad I guess? Just that the activity widget take a lot of space owo'

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